Nov 1997 In a mountain village with a population of 3000, 'Salone del Monte' opens.

In April of the same year, the family who had moved from Kamakura for lifestyle reform and had begun to build a bicycle mecca gets its first big break. Owners of Salone del Monte Kouta and Yuumi suddenly find themselves stars in the small community, the pro-shop Salone del Monte had opened on demand from that community. Renovating an old house in Tsukude Village, and carrying only Sunn bikes made by Phil, Med and Zoobab, the specialist shop prospers. 

June 2000 Birth Of Commencal

Under President Max Commencal's strong leadership, Phil, Med and other young and brilliant staff develop Sunn into one of the world's best bicycle manufacturers. As the company grows and moves towards mass production, Max leaves and pursues his dream of bike making a second time. Taking many young designers and staff with him, Commencal is formed. The brand's debut model, the Supernormal, is an instant hit.


社長マックス・コメンサルの強力なリーダーシップのもとで、フィル、ズーパブ、メッドほかの若き天才たちは、世界最強のMTBレーシングチームを率いるSUNNの、開発研究、デザイン、プロダクトマネジメント、コンセプトメイキングなどを担う中心スタッフとして、SUNNが次々と世に送り出した最強最良のバイクを作り続けていた。 会社がますます発展し大きくなるに従い、次第に大量生産に向うSUNNに危機感を募らせたマックスの退社に続いた多くの若き天才たちとともに、マックス・コメンサルは、再び理想のバイクづくりへのスタートを切った。 





2001 Friendship and Ties, becoming an Importer

Salone del Monte had been a Sunn proshop carrying only Sunn bikes and so were elated by the news of the formation of Commencal. Due to their existing relationship, and the parallels between Commencal's and their own philosophies, Salone del Monte requests to sell Commencal bikes in Japan.

Planning on keeping small-scale production, Max had not intended to enter the Japanese market, but he cannot deny the data and so makes Salone del Monte the Japanese distributor. Through working together, both parties discover many points in common and the friendship grows deeper.

Later, the story of the 'Commencal Legend' spreads around the world, saying that Commencal is different to other manufacturers. With just one leaflet, the passion of Japanese cyclists is ignited, and in its first year Salone del Monte becomes Commencal's largest distributor.





サ口ーネ・デル・モンテは、後に世界中で「コメンサル神話」と呼ばれるストーリー「コメンサルは、ほかの どのバイクとも違う」を、1枚のリーフレットにして・爆発的ブームを創り出した。

April 2002

Commencal President Max comes to Tsukude Village in Aichi, Japan to meet Japanese fans and associates and stays with Leon's family for one week. From every corner of the country more than 100 people per day come to greet and welcome Max.







Due to rapid growth and success, a shadow begins to form over Commencal. As priority shifts from quality to sales volume, the staff at Commencal begins to have concerns, which are shared by Salone del Monte.



2004 Refusal of Mass-Production

Wanting to increase production and sales volume, Max Commencal calls a global meeting of distributors. Planned for half a day, the meeting lasts well into the night on three consecutive days as Max repeatedly demands acceptance of his planned changes. 

The president of the largest distributor, Salone del Monte, Leon, firmly but quietly continues to refuse Max's request, and begs Max to keep making the bikes that meet everyone's ideals. His attitude and persistence toward a giant of the bicycle world win the respect and trust of all the distributors and the three genii at Commencal. 

Following his lead, the distributor from each country also refuse and the three leave Commencal.



社長マックスは、方針の転換を受け入れてほしいと要請した。 最大のディストリビュータであるサローネ・デル・モンテを代表してLeonは、静かに、しかし断固としてNO!と言い続け、「誰もが乗りたいと希う最良のバイクづくり」を求め続けた。



June 2004 Birth of Team Leon Bike

Seeking the bike of their ideals, Salone del Monte, Phil, Med and Zoobab meet at Zoobab's house in the south of France. In discussions that run into the night, the seed of an idea is born. 

With a common philosophy about lifestyle, bicycles and business, investigations and research into a new bike brand are begun. The French staff gives the new team the name Leon Bike.


サローネ・デル・モンテもメッド、フィル、ズーバプも、理想のバイクを求め、南フランスのZoobabの家で再会して、夜を徹して話に花が咲いた。 ライフスタイルとバイクへの想いとバイクづくりの方向性が―致した彼らと、理想のバイクを追究し、NEWバイクプランド“LEON”の立ち上げと開発の新しいスタートを切ることになった。



The first prototypes arrive, and testing begins in both France and Japan. Unanimous feedback is "Why does it ride so well?" and "What makes it so different to other bikes?" to which Leon, laughing, replies "Because Phil, Med and Zoobab made it!"


待ちに待った、記念すべきLEON BIKE第―号試作車が完成し、フランスと日本と同時にテストを開始した。 みんなが異口同音に、「どうしてこんなによく走るんだろう」「ほかのバイクとどこが、何が違うんだろう」と話した。 Leonの答えはいつも、「それは、あのPhilとMedとZoobabがつくったからだ」だった。

March 2009

After a 3 year period of refinement the second prototype is produced. The long development time is not wasted however, as upon riding this model Med states "I don’t need anything more than this" and sells all his other mountain bikes.

July 2009 Establishment of Leon Bike Associated P/L

Leon Bike Japan is transformed into Leon Bike Associates to allow for cooperation and participation by bike lovers and others who share the same ideals.

Leon bike receives a wonderful invitation from French friend Fred of Urge Bike Products to exhibit a frame at Euro Bike in Germany in September. 

In support of Urge Nepal, Leon Bike creates the Leon Bike Urge Nepal Special Edition and decides to travel to Germany. In order to proudly show off the new bike, Med flies to Taiwan to oversee production of the special new frame, Phil produces a flier for distribution at Euro Bike (bearing a photo he took himself, one of a famous champion riding the black Leon bike….) and Zoobab designs the graphics for the frame and produces commemorative T-shirts, all bearing his unique style.


Next year Leon Bike is planning to take all staff to Euro Bike, and also planning a sponsored Euro Bike Tour where it is rumored time will be spent with the French associates of Leon Bike.


3年の熟成期間を経て、LEON BIKE第2号試作車が完成した。この長く感じた熟成期間は、ムダではなかった。


株式会社レオンバイク・ジャパンから、LEON BIKEのバイクづくりの思想と哲学に共鳴し、ライフスタイルを共有しようとし、こよなくまだ見ぬLEON BIKEを愛する“ASSOCIATES”によって支えられる企業体への変身を目指して、LEON BIKE ASSOCIATES株式会社を設立することとなった。

まだ2回目の試作が終わったばかりのLEON BIKEに、フランスのFredたちから、今年9月のEuro Bike Showに、特別展示するスペースをつくるからフレームを1本持って来ないかと、嬉しい誘いを受けた。

彼らの国際交流イベントでありレースでもある、来年のUrge Nepalへの協賛のためのLEON BIKE Urge Nepal Special Editionが、発売に先駆けてドイツに行くことになった。そのために、Medは特別製のフレームづくりのためにタイワンに飛んだ。

PhiIは、会場で配布するリーフレットの作成を全部引き受けた。トップを飾る写真は彼自身が撮影した。Black LEONを駆るチャンピオンライダーは誰なんだろう。


来年は、みんなでLEON BIKEを持って、Euro Bike Showに打こう!!と、今から盛り上がっている。ひょっとすると、LEON BIKE主催のEuro Bike Show Tourが計画されて、フランスのみんなといつしょの日々を過ごすらしい、という噂も飛んでいる。